The Game

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How to play

  • Join the game as a Captain launching a new team, or as a player joining an existing team.
  • Ask people in your social networks to join your team.
  • Get points for reaching out and growing your team.
  • Get more points for bringing on board people who aren't usually into politics.
  • Get points for other challenges along the way.
  • Points only end up in your team tally if you actually vote on Election Day.
  • Virtual rewards and prizes will be awarded to star players.
  • The team with the most points wins.

Why play?


The problem in Washington

It's no secret that our politicians in Washington are divided. When elected officials refuse to work together, important work doesn't get done and we all suffer.


Why? Too few primary voters

Most people ignore primary elections. The result of such low turnout is the potential for a small minority of the population to shape the political reality of the non-voting majority.


Restoring representation

Getting more people involved in primary elections will increase our collective democratic health. By engaging lots of new people in primary elections our hope is to bring in people who aren't currently being represented in this process, to make the primary electorate look more like the American people.


Who wins?

vMOBilize isn't about who's going to win the election. It's about who's going to win the game. This game. Which team is going to get the most people to vote in this election? And, oddly enough, the more new people who vote in primaries, the more we all win.