The direct mission of vMOBilize is to increase rates of political participation in primary elections among eligible voters who are less politically engaged and who do not normally turn out in primaries. We hope to do this in an effort to make the primary electorate look more like the American electorate. By engaging new and less habitual voters, our aim is to help elect leaders who view the American people as their constituents. In this way, we will help reduce political polarization and political gridlock, and restore a spirit of compromise aimed at serving the interests of all of the people.


Our Vision

  • Increased bipartisanship in Congress
  • Increasing willingness to compromise among House and Senate leadership
  • Federal representatives who are more likely to accurately represent the interests of their entire constituency
  • An increase in the passage of important legislation
  • Decreased partisan rancor and Increased trust in opposing party members
  • A "trickle down" to reduced political polarization in the discourse of citizens

How the process has been working:

Primaries dominated by party insiders and activists, while most voters stay home.

These small groups of voters elect candidates who will serve their interests rather than those of the broader public

General electinon candidates are beholden to and represent narrow segments of the public

Election winners do not represent the interests of average Americans

Washington is increasingly polarized, less able to pass crucial legislation.

How we want the process to work:

More average Americans vote in primary elections

These voters choose party representatives whose priorities reflect those of average voters who are their constituents

Primary winners are beholden to their full constituencies rather than narrow niches of voters

Election winners represent the interests of average Americans

Washington is less polarized, more willing to pass legislation benefiting average Americans